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Relationship/Marriage Counseling
Couples meet with a counselor for many reasons:
 improve communication
 learn how to talk about finances 
 overcome past hurts
 work through the pain betrayal
 make a decision about whether or not to continue their relationship
 renew their commitment
 work through many other difficulties

At the beginning of therapy, I will ask you questions to help me understand the issues that bring you to see me. I will gather some background information but will mostly focus on the present and your preferred future together. We will set goals together and work collaboratively to identify the strengths you have to fulfill these goals. Once you feel you have achieved your goals, therapy will be over. The length of therapy varies for each couple and depends on your goals.
Marriage/Relationship Check-Up
Many couples chose to spend time strengthening their relationship before significant issues develop. I’ll have you take an on-line assessment, Prepare & Enrich. Then we’ll meet 1-3 times to identify strengths and growth areas in your relationship. If you decide you want to meet to work on a particular issue, you are welcome to do so, otherwise, you will go home with new skills and a workbook to help you continue to strengthen your relationship on your own.


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